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Nature’s play

Hi friends, So, its been sunny and bright all thru Jan & Feb in Kampala, good for taking pictures…Set out for a birding trip to Mabamba Bay yesterday..But nature was not too kind to show me the birds but presented with an incredible sight of […]

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African Simba

The African lion as most of know is the king of the savannah. I have done numerous safari trips, but never got a photographic sight as per my imagination. I was lucky to spot that dream shot during a recent trip to Masai Mara where […]

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Giraffe in Amboseli

During one of the morning game drives in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, I came across this unusual sight of two giraffes playing with each other. The background of the huge Acacia tree caught my attention which is very typical of Amboseli savannah.

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Elusive leopard

Leopards are most of the time elusive and solitary animal. During my Chobe safari in Botswana, this feline was trying to evade our cameras and hiding inside the bush. Photographing this leopard was difficult but worth the long wait.

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Olare Orok

This is Olare Orok Conservancy just outside the Masai Mara National reserve in Kenya teeming with wildlife. This picture is posted to give a perspective of the distance you could spot a big cat.

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Alert lion

This young male was resting near a bush but also was watchful and alert for its next meal. The eyes were ferocious when it turned towards its right looking for a prey.

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Aerial view

Thank you all for your wonderful likes, follows and your support. It encourages me more to post African wildlife for you all to enjoy. If I can do any improvements to my blog, please feel free to share. Have a blessed weekend.

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Cat in motion

This leopard was on a hunt as it zoomed past our safari vehicle during one of the Masai Mara safari…It was in the early morning before sunrise. I decided to take a panning shot and what image came out was this beautiful big cat walking.

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Bon appetite

Cheetahs are usually very alert while having their meal, unlike the lions who don’t bother about anyone around and finish off their food at one go. This picture was taken at one such moment when this cheetah was looking around if there are any threats […]

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Bulago Island

Last weekend, I had been to Bulago Island, a paradise for birds on Lake Victoria. The Egyptian geese taking a stroll as a family caught my attention. The water was calm and peaceful and it brought absolute serenity to the image.

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Male & Female Giraffe

The giraffe, a mammal native to Africa, is the world’s tallest land animal. Giraffes are herbivores who use their long, black, prickly tongues to grasp and remove leaves, flowers and fruits from tall trees and other vegetation. Several ways to identify a male giraffe from […]

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Black bellied bustard

The word bustard (from the French word bistard) has its origin in the Latin words avis tarda meaning “slow bird”.These birds have distinctive long legs and necks which enable them to see over tall grass. Taken at Amboseli National park, Kenya

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